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Mustang Speakers

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Welcome to the Mustang Speakers website.

Mustang Speakers can service new as well as vintage speakers and cabinets. If your speakers are blown or you need repairs on your speaker equipment, call us right away! We will get your repairs done as fast as possible for you. Have a question or want more information about something? E-mail us at and Ken will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mustang Speakers is in the Austin, TX area. However, our work is not limited to the local area. We have done work for people all over the country. Visit the contact us page for more information on how to get your equipment to Mustang Speakers for repairs.

Ken at work


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Attention Past Customers

If you have items previously built or repaired by Mustang Speakers, please add them to “fan photos” on our Facebook page or send you photo to us by e-mail at so we can add them. Some items may even be from before Mustang Speakers was founded (work done by Ken when he was working for Walter Hutcherson's Musical Exchange). We are working to add more pictures, so please send us your pictures of Ken’s work. Thanks.



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